Ants are an invasive species and often construct colonies inside roof spaces and wall cavities. In most cases ants can be controlled from the exterior of the building. Please call for a quote or booking.


Spiders can be an annoying pest with unsightly webs that build up on the exterior and interior of your house and building. Premium Pest control can eradicate all pest spiders including whitetail spiders. Phone for a quote and to learn about our ongoing programs.


Rodents can enter your home and can cause extensive damage to your property as well as the potential to spread diseases to people and animals. Premium pest control can provide comprehensive safe treatments that will deliver long term results. Please call us for a quote or to learn about our control programs and proofing advice.

Gisborne & Native Cockroaches

Gisborne cockroaches are widespread throughout the North Island. Premium Pest Control can provide ongoing effective control programs and/or one off treatments. Phone for a quote and to learn about our ongoing programs.


Primary season:
Summer, Fall

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches usually infest kitchens and hot water cupboards. The effective control method is the use of baits, this will control the existing cockroach populations. Phone for a quote or booking.


Fleas are small flightless insects that parasite on mammals and birds. They can transmit diseases. We will complete treatment of all carpeted and floor areas for long-term results. Phone for a quote or booking.


Wasps have spread throughout NZ after their introduction in the 1940s. Wasps post a threat to humans, pets, native birds and insects. Wasps can inflict painful stings usually to protect their nests and can sting multiple times. Once the nest has been located Premium Pest Control can eliminate it and provide a 100% guarantee with…

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