Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies resemble large house flies. They are a nuisance for homeowners because they are unsightly and frustrating to deal with. The adult flies emerge from the ground in late summer and early autumn to hibernate. In most situations they enter roof spaces and wall cavities which make it very difficult for the homeowner to…

Feral Cats

Feral cats have a devastating negative effect on New Zealand wildlife. Premium Pest can provide solutions for the removal of cat colonies and feral cats.

Possums & Rabbits

We have a number of options to control possums and rabbits on your farm, home or lifestyle block.


Sparrows, pigeons, starlings and many other birds can become a nuisance to homes and businesses. Droppings from roosting and nesting can damage paintwork and be costly to remove and clean. Premium Pest Control can provide customers with solutions for the control and exclusion of pest birds.


Bedbugs feed on the blood of people and animals. Their bites can cause irritation, and in some cases infection can result from scratching. Bedbugs can inadvertently be brought in from other dwellings on a person’s clothing or luggage. Premium Pest Control can provide a thorough inspection of your house or business and treat and eliminate…


Ant Control Services in Wairarapa and Lower Hutt Ants are an invasive species and often construct colonies inside roof spaces and wall cavities. In most cases ants can be controlled from the exterior of the building. Please call for a quote or booking.


Spiders can be an annoying pest with unsightly webs that build up on the exterior and interior of your house and building. Premium Pest control can eradicate all pest spiders including whitetail spiders. Phone for a quote and to learn about our ongoing programs.


Rodents can enter your home and can cause extensive damage to your property as well as the potential to spread diseases to people and animals. Premium pest control can provide comprehensive safe treatments that will deliver long term results. Please call us for a quote or to learn about our control programs and proofing advice.

Gisborne & Native Cockroaches

Cockroach Control Services in Wairarapa and Lower Hutt Gisborne cockroaches are widespread throughout the North Island. Premium Pest Control can provide ongoing effective control programs and/or one off treatments. Phone for a quote and to learn about our ongoing programs.


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